Handbook of Wildlife Chemical Immobilization

Perhaps the single best resource for the chemical capture of wildlife is the Handbook of Wildlife Chemical Immobilization first written in 1996. This is the largest selling book of its kind in the world. There have been four editions with multiple printings with the fourth edition printed in 2012. The fourth edition is 448 pages long and printed entirely in four color with a durable sewn binding.

The Handbook contains sections on: Drug Possession and Use; Drugs Used for Animal Capture; Equipment Used for Animal Capture; Animal Capture: Putting It All Together; Animal Medical Treatment; Human Medical Treatment; Drug Dosages; and References.

The Drug Dosages section contains recommended immobilizing drugs for over 500 species of animals worldwide. The References section is the largest compilation of its kind in the world with over 2,500 references.

The 2012, four-color 4th edition of the Handbook of Wildlife Chemical Immobilization can be ordered online with a credit card from Amazon for $50 plus shipping. The easiest way to access this listing is click here.

If this link doesn’t take you directly to the listing, enter the number: 0965465209 in the Search box. Even though the description will state the publish date as 2007 (or earlier), click on the selection, “1 new” which should bring up a listing by seller, “tkreeg3” which will be the new 2012 edition.

You can also search for the book title (Handbook of Wildlife Chemical Immobilization), which again may bring up older editions. These older editions should still have “1 new” available for selection. Selecting either of these should again bring up seller “tkreeg3” with the 2012 4th edition described under “Seller Information.”

Alternatively, send a check or government institution purchase order for $50 (shipping included, except for outside of the U.S., or more than 5 books) per book to: Terry Kreeger, 2362 Highway 34, Wheatland, WY 82201.

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